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Kids Need Their Kale

Healthy teeth start with a healthy diet. With the everyday hustle and bustle that comes along with raising children, feeding your kids a properly balanced diet can seem like an impossible task. As your pediatric dentistry in Orlando we’d like to help you introduce kale into your kids’ diet.

Kale is one of those super vegetables complete with ample antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins K, A, and C. Introducing kale and other healthy vegetables into your child’s diet now will help them develop a taste for healthy choices down the road. Consider the following kid-friendly options to help integrate kale into your child’s diet:

  • Add it to a smoothie. Adding kale to a fruit smoothie is a surefire way to give your kids a yummy vitamin boost.
  • Make it into chips. Add a little olive oil and sprinkle some salt on a few kale leaves before putting them into the oven and they’ll be kale chips before you know it! Kids love the crunch.
  • Mix it in. Kale makes a great accent in several dishes including salads, soups, omelets, pastas, and even desserts.

As your pediatric dentistry in Orlando, we hope that your child gets a kick out of some kale in their diet. Contact Pediatric Dentistry of Central Florida with any questions about your child’s dental health, or to schedule their next checkup!

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Fact or Fiction Quiz: Baby Teeth

Properly caring for your child’s teeth can seem overwhelming, but as your children’s dentistry in Orlando, we’re here to help! The American Dental Association separated a few facts from fiction regarding your baby’s teeth, and we’d like to share some of those with you here:

Fact or Fiction: Baby teeth are important.

Fact! While you might think otherwise because baby teeth will eventually fall out, your baby’s teeth are placeholders for their permanent adult teeth. Premature loss of baby teeth can result in problems down the road.

Fact or Fiction: Babies get fevers when teething.

Fiction! Your baby should not develop a fever when teething. If your baby has a fever, his or her baby teeth are not the culprit.

Fact or Fiction: Diluting juice is better for your child’s teeth.

Fiction! Your child’s teeth are still at risk of decay when drinking watered-down juice. He or she should drink water after drinking juice to wash away residual sugar, and of course brush their teeth at least twice a day.

At the Pediatric Dentistry of Central Florida we take pride in serving as your children’s dentistry in Orlando. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and to begin your child’s comprehensive dental care.

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Dr. Bertot & Dr. Mansour Named Orlando’s Top Dentist

What an exciting time for us here at the Pediatric Dentistry of Central Florida! Dr. Carlos Bertot and Dr. Kelly Mansour have been up to lots of good! We’d like to share some of the recent highlights regarding your Orlando pediatric dentistry with you here.

The first few months of 2015 have been a bit of a whirlwind here at your Orlando pediatric dentistry, and we couldn’t be happier! Dr. Bertot and Dr. Mansour have been bestowed the honor of Orlando’s Top Dentist in the March 2015 issue of Orlando Magazine. We are incredibly humbled by this major recognition, and we are thankful to all of our wonderful patients that made it possible.

Your Orlando pediatric dentistry is looking forward to late spring, as we are thrilled to announce the opening of our new St. Cloud location! We are excited for the opportunity to treat more patients in Florida in addition to our existing Maitland practice patients.

We encourage you to keep up with our blog for more exciting announcements and helpful tips from our knowledgeable and caring staff. Contact our office today to schedule your child’s visit.

December Fun!!

The holidays are near and here at Pediatric Dentistry of Central Florida we are getting into the holiday spirit! We have THREE fun festivities happening this month!! 1st: Elves arrived at our office today to watch over our patients. We will be posting pictures of where they appear throughout our office. Do you have elves visiting? If so, we want to see what they have been up to! Check out our flyer below for more details on our “Elf on the Shelf” contest for a chance to win a $100 Target gift card.


2nd: Season of Light 2014 Maitland is hosting Season of Lights at Lake Lily this Saturday, December 6 starting at 5pm. Fireworks will be at 7pm. Come say hello to us! We will be there handing out popcorn and making ornaments!

3rd: We are collecting food items for The Sharing Center until December 10th. For every 15 items we collect, Dr. Bertot & Dr. Mansour will donate a turkey for a family in need. Let’s see how many turkeys we can hand out! Check the flyer for more details on what types of food items The Sharing Center is collecting.

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