Lip Tie and Tongue Tie Laser Revision

Treatment for Infants and Children with Lip and/or Tongue Tie
A new baby with ankyloglossia (tongue tie) and/or lip adhesion (lip tie) may experience difficulty with nursing. If you are nursing your baby and experiencing significant pain and/or your baby has difficulty latching on, you should have your child evaluated for lip and tongue tie revision. Often overlooked, lip and tongue tie can be an underlying cause of feeding problems that can affect a baby’s weight gain and be the root cause of a multitude of other symptoms and conditions that often results with the mother giving up on breast feeding.

Symptoms associated with lip and/or tongue tie:


  • poor latch
  • falls asleep while attempting to nurse
  • slides off nipple when attempting to latch
  • clicking or gulping sounds while nursing
  • reflux symptoms
  • colic symptoms
  • poor weight gain
  • short sleep episodes requiring feeding every 2 to 3 hours
  • unable to hold a pacifier in mouth
  • gumming or chewing of your nipple when nursing


  • bleeding nipples
  • cracked, bruised or blistered nipples
  • severe pain when your baby attempts to latch
  • poor/incomplete breast drainage
  • plugged ducts
  • mastitis or nipple thrush

One or more of any of the above symptoms warrants evaluation of your baby by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Should you need a referral, we can provide you with one, as their support BEFORE and AFTER revision (tie release) is essential.

If you live in Greater Orlando or anywhere in Central Florida and beyond, and having trouble breastfeeding your infant due to a possible lip or tongue tie, please call our Maitland office (407-628-2286) or St. Cloud office (407-593-8900) and let us help you.

The solution is a simple one, yet the results can be significant. A revision by way of LASER frenectomy is performed in order to “release” or free the lip and/or tongue thereby minimizing, if not eliminating, restriction in movement of the lip and/or tongue that can cause significant difficulty with breastfeeding. A LASER is used to perform the frenectomy or revision. There is no age limitation; therefore, the procedure can be performed at any time and in our office. LASER frenectomy eliminates the need for the operating room. Depending on your child’s age, a local anesthetic may be used for your child’s comfort. Stitches are usually not required as the removal of the involved tissue creates minimal, if any, bleeding.

The procedure is quick with minimal discomfort. Breastfeeding is encouraged immediately following treatment. You may stay as long as necessary.

Dental and Speech Concerns
Beyond infancy, the presence of a lingual frenum resulting in ankyloglossia (tongue tie) and/or abnormal labial frenum (lip tie) can have an affect on dental health as well as speech.

Dental concerns involve the persistent presence of a gap between the center upper and/or lower front teeth. A tight frenum can also create enough tension on the gingival tissues (gums) to cause recession. Not only can recession compromise periodontal health, it can be the cause of sensitivity and be esthetically unappealing. In infants, a tight lip can increase risk for decay as it creates a food/plaque trap adjacent to teeth and makes hygiene of the involved area more challenging.

Most children do not have speech impediments, even those with some magnitude of tongue tie. Speech problems involving articulation of sound may become noticeable between the ages of 3 and 4. If by the age of 4, more than half of a child’s speech is not understood outside the family circle, evaluation by a speech pathologist is strongly recommended. If a tongue tie is believed to be part or all of the culprit in the speech issues, consideration to lingual frenectomy should be given.

Thankfully, the solution is the same, just as simple and the result can be equally dramatic in these cases. LASER frenectomy to release the lip and/or tongue can be performed in the office with a very small amount of local anesthesia for comfort and little to no discomfort is experienced afterwards.

If you have any questions regarding this topic or you believe your child may be a candidate for this procedure, please do not hesitate to contact our Maitland office (407-628-2286) or St. Cloud office (407-593-8900) and we will be happy to assist you.

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