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Questions About Your Child’s Teeth? We’ve Got Answers

As your local pediatric dentist, we know that parenting comes with lots of questions attached. Not to worry–when it comes to your child’s dental health, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for. As a parent, you’ve likely asked one of the following questions at one time or another:

  • When should I start brushing my child’s teeth?
  • What should I use to clean my baby’s teeth?
  • How often should my child see a pediatric dentist?
  • When should my child start brushing his or her own teeth?
  • When should my child have his or her first dental checkup?
  • Is it a problem if my child sucks his or her thumb or uses a pacifier?
  • How does fluoride help my child’s teeth?

Sound familiar? These are all great questions, which you’ll find answers to on our FAQ page. While our FAQ page offers a fairly substantial amount of information, there’s no replacement for some one-on-one time with your pediatric dentist in Maitland! Next time you bring your child to see Dr. Mansour or Dr. Bertot for his or her dental checkup, we encourage you to ask away!

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Tips for Making Toothbrushing Fun

While proper hygiene habits are an essential component of your child’s lifelong smile, children don’t exactly always enjoy brushing or flossing their teeth. Implementing proper brushing practices now will help your child develop a solid foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits. At Pediatric Dentistry of Central Florida, we pride ourselves in serving as your partners in caring for your child’s dental health, and we want to help you make brushing fun for your kids!

As your pediatric dentist here in Maitland we love discovering new ways to foster your child’s interest in dental health habits. Brushing properly for a full two minutes, twice a day will help your child realize an optimal level of dental health. Aquafresh toothpaste has provided several great ideas to help get your kids engaged and develop a brushing ritual. Next time your kids are ready to tackle their teeth, give them these fun tools to try:

• Brush timer application. Let’s face it; sometimes our kids know how to operate our phones better than we do. There are multiple applications available for both iPhone and Android that provide an interactive, kid-friendly toothbrushing timer.
• Two-minute song. Take two minutes of your child’s favorite song and have it ready to play on your phone or a small stereo near the bathroom. That way your child will not only enjoy their time brushing, but will know when time is up!
• Brushing videos and characters. There is no shortage of toothbrushing videos or fun tooth-brushing characters to choose from to help encourage your child’s enjoyment of dental hygiene. Search for toothbrushing videos and simply select the ones that suit your child best!

Should you have any questions regarding your child’s dental health or tooth-brushing habits, don’t hesitate to contact Pediatric Dentistry of Central Florida. We look forward to serving as your partner in caring for your child’s dental health.

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Big Smiles at Screen on the Green

At Pediatric Dentistry of Central Florida we just love staying involved in our local community. We’re committed to serving as the best pediatric dentists that we can be, and for us, that commitment doesn’t know the boundaries of our office walls. This past Saturday we had a blast as popcorn sponsors for the city of Maitland’s Screen on the Green!

Screen on the Green is a great event for the entire family where you get to sprawl out on a blanket in the middle of Maitland Middle School’s soccer field and watch a movie on a big screen. Saturday’s pick was the adorable movie, “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” Pediatric Dentistry of Central Florida was present dishing out popcorn, and of course toothbrushes! The tooth fairy stopped by too! We had such a great time that we have plans to sponsor another movie, “Maleficent,” on November 7th.

As your local pediatric dentist we truly enjoy spending time within the Maitland community, which is why we’re aiming to participate in monthly events. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for updates so that you and your kids can join us for the next one!

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