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The Eggs-traordinary Tooth Experiment

Fall break is fast approaching and if you’re looking for a fun experiment you can do with your kids to keep them busy for a little while, your pediatric dentists in St. Cloud have a great experiment in mind.  The Eggs-traordinary Tooth Experiment, not only keeps your child’s mind sharp on the scientific process, but also teaches them a great deal about how their teeth react to a few of their favorite drinks. Here’s how it works:

You will be soaking eggshells in various liquids for one day to see what happens if you don’t brush your teeth. Eggshells are very similar to tooth enamel in that they are a porous, protective coating that can easily stain. You can beef up this experiment by brushing the eggs after the day is up to see how brushing can change the course of tooth decay.

What you need:

  • 4-5 bowls
  • 4-5 hard boiled eggs
  • 4-5 samples of your kids’ favorite beverages
  • 1 notebook

How to start:

  1. Decide which beverages you’ll use to conduct the experiment. We recommend, water, milk, soda, orange juice, grape juice, and hot chocolate if you’re feeling festive. Pour these drinks into the bowls. (Add a bowl of coffee to the mix if you’re curious about how coffee reacts to your adult teeth.)
  2. Hard boil your eggs.
  3. Have your children hypothesize what will happen to each egg in the different drinks, and record their predictions in your notebook.
  4. Place the eggs in the bowls, and place them in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

The next morning once everyone is up and has brushed their teeth, retrieve the bowls from the fridge, take a look at what happened, and record your findings. You’ll notice that some of the eggs are stained and some may even be brittle from the sugar in the soda and juice. If you want to take this experiment the extra mile, take your eggs to the bathroom and see what happens when you gently brush away the stains that formed over the course of 24 hours.

This experiment is a great chance for you to discuss with your children how different eating habits can affect their teeth, and how proper care of their teeth with twice daily brushing and flossing can give them sparkly clean and healthy teeth for a lifetime. If you have any questions about this experiment, or how you can help to encourage your child to maintain healthy oral habits, give us a call in St. Cloud today!


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Get Ready St. Cloud, Pediatric Dentistry of Central Florida is Expanding

It’s a great day for kiddos in St. Cloud because we’re expanding our practice! Come Early-August our unique style of pediatric dentistry will be benefiting kids all over Central Florida. Although our chairs aren’t ready for top-tier dentistry quite yet, you can still schedule an appointment by calling 407.593.8900. As soon as we cut the ribbon, we’ll be ready to clean those teeny-tiny chompers.

Our mission to provide outstanding, gentle, enthusiastic dental care that kids look forward to is what got us excited to grow our practice; we want to care for more kids!  We’ll continue to provide caring, fun and informative dentistry in St. Cloud while also laying a foundation for healthy oral hygiene for all the fantastic patients we treat.

There aren’t many kids that claim they love going to the dentist, but our patients sure do. Here we come St. Cloud! We hope you’re ready for our kid-centric style of dentistry, because we’re ready to saturate Central Florida with healthy, sparkly smiles!